Laura & Dan

Laura & Dan were married at the Oakland in March of this year. I had a brilliant day with them and their wonderful family & friends and I’m super excited to have been booked to photograph Dan’s sisters wedding next year so I get to hang out with them all again 😀 take a look at some of the images I captured for this  amazing couple.

Venue: The Oaklands Garden Room

Flowers: Treasured Bouquets

Decor: Jack Loves Jill

LDM-1 LDM-5 LDM-7 LDM-23 LDM-29 LDM-33 LDM-36 LDM-49 LDM-65 LDM-67 LDM-69 LDM-73 LDM-79 LDM-89 LDM-92 LDM-98 LDM-107 LDM-109 LDM-111 LDM-139 LDM-146 LDM-148 LDM-150 LDM-153 LDM-163 LDM-165 LDM-179 LDM-195 LDM-199 LDM-203 LDM-209 LDM-229 LDM-231 LDM-235 LDM-243 LDM-253 LDM-257 LDM-266 LDM-267 LDM-270 LDM-283 LDM-285 LDM-287 LDM-289 LDM-291 LDM-295 LDM-297 LDM-299 LDM-301 LDM-396 LDM-398 LDM-402 LDM-411 LDM-416 LDM-418 LDM-420 LDM-421 LDM-453 LDM-455 LDM-473 LDM-479 LDM-481 LDM-491 LDM-495 LDM-499 LDM-505 LDM-507 LDM-523 LDM-527 LDM-534 LDM-538 LDM-539 LDM-553 LDM-559 LDM-571 LDM-577 LDM-580 LDM-587 LDM-589 LDM-601 LDM-607 LDM-609 LDM-613 LDM-619

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