Katie & David

Here’s a little glimpse into Katie & David’s stunning summer wedding at Healing Manor. They were married at Healing Church just next door to the manor and had the reception and party on the island in the gardens of the main house. Katie looked amazing in her long, flowing wedding gown and David looked super sharp in his suit with the little splashes of yellow through the details of his outfit. Their baby girl, Elsie was as good as gold all day and full of laughter and smiles for everyone…an absolute joy to spend the day with this wonderful little family and their family and friends! Pictures below đŸ™‚

KDH-5 KDH-9 KDH-13 KDH-21 KDH-27 KDH-43 KDH-45 KDH-61 KDH-67 KDH-73 KDH-75 KDH-77 KDH-85 KDH-87 KDH-91 KDH-115 KDH-117 KDH-133 KDH-139 KDH-149 KDH-153 KDH-167 KDH-169 KDH-175 KDH-183 KDH-191 KDH-199 KDH-217 KDH-221 KDH-231 KDH-233 KDH-235 KDH-243 KDH-263 KDH-267 KDH-279 KDH-283 KDH-301 KDH-303 KDH-407 KDH-409 KDH-413 KDH-415 KDH-429 KDH-431 KDH-433 KDH-435 KDH-465 KDH-481 KDH-497 KDH-511 KDH-539 KDH-545 KDH-551 KDH-553 KDH-557 KDH-569 KDH-571 KDH-573 KDH-595 KDH-597 KDH-607 KDH-615 KDH-625 KDH-637 KDH-659 KDH-671 KDH-677

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