About Me

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nick Austwick. I was born in Glasgow in 1985. My Mum is a retired General Nurse and my late Dad was a Submariner in the Royal Navy and later on spent many happy years at Conoco. I grew up in Scartho, Grimsby where I attended Springfield Junior School and Waltham Toll Bar comprehensive respectively.

I discovered photography in 2007 and was hooked. I’ve had many creative outlets in my life such as art and music but I found Photography to be the most rewarding and the most immersive. I quickly slipped down the rabbit hole of learning, photographing anything and everyone and sharpening my skills as I went. Realising early on that the photograph itself is just the start of the image I set out to learn the ins and outs of Photoshop and other Adobe programmes such as Lightroom and Premier.  I made connections with other local photographers and soon began assisting with editing and second shooting at weddings. It wasn’t long before I was being approached to capture weddings myself and ‘Nick Austwick Photography’ came into being.

There were a tentative few years where I balanced a full time job with shooting weddings and disappearing on my days off on commercial photography ventures up and down the UK. Holding onto the hand rail of full time employment with one hand while dangling over the cliff edge of self employment, with a camera in the other hand. Around the time of my Dads death I decided that life really was to short and you should do make makes you happy, I quit my job and jumped head first into photography.

The business has gone to strength to strength over the past 9 years, I pride myself on my reputation as someone who strives to deliver not only beautiful images but a wonderful experience for my clients. I have photographed hundreds of beautiful, unique weddings for amazing people and worked on incredible projects in fields such as motorsport, construction, tourism and design. My job as taken me all over the UK and abroad and I’ve met and worked with some truly inspirational people.

In 2015 I became a Dad as Michelle and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Seren, into the world and in 2018 after a 5 year engagement (sorry Shell!) Michelle and I married. I became a step father to her beautiful daughters Ebony and Holly and we have been a family ever since.

We all now live together in our little house which Michelle has turned into a beautiful home for us all.