Kurt & Hannah

Here’s some of my favourite images from an absolutely perfect day spent with Kurt & Hannah back in June.

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Richard & Holly

Richard & Holly got married on Saturday at the fabulous Garden Room within the grounds of The Oaklands Hall Hotel in Laceby. It’s a great venue! Very versatile and the space flows wonderfully opening out into beautiful gardens, perfect for a summer wedding! Here’s a little look and some of my favourite shots from the day.

Josh & Sophie

A little taster of Josh and Sophie’s beautiful wedding at the Oaklands Garden Room in Laceby.

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Simon & Katy

Simon & Katy were married at the stunning Elsham Hall at the start of December 2016, Here’s a selection of my favourite images from their day.

sks-1 sks-3 sks-5 sks-8 sks-9 sks-15 sks-21 sks-27 sks-31 sks-39 sks-43 sks-49 sks-59 sks-76 sks-79 sks-83 sks-85 sks-87 sks-99 sks-101 sks-103 sks-105 sks-107 sks-111 sks-113 sks-115 sks-117 sks-121 sks-123 sks-127 sks-137 sks-139 sks-149 sks-153 sks-161 sks-163 sks-165 sks-171 sks-175 sks-177 sks-199 sks-211 sks-213 sks-215 sks-217 sks-225 sks-227 sks-229 sks-231 sks-235 sks-247 sks-259 sks-265 sks-277 sks-279 sks-286 sks-290 sks-315 sks-317 sks-319 sks-445 sks-447 sks-449 sks-455 sks-465 sks-477 sks-499 sks-501 sks-503 sks-505 sks-511 sks-513 sks-519 sks-521 sks-545 sks-549 sks-553 sks-555 sks-561 sks-563 sks-569 sks-575 sks-579 sks-587 sks-595 sks-597


Linzi & Matt (preview)

Linzi & Matt left blighty for New Zealand some years ago but made a home coming trip (and brought a hand full of ace Kiwi’s with them) back to Lincolnshire to tie the knot with friends and family present. Linzi has done a cracking job planning this wedding when distance and time zones were a huge limiting factor. It was a glorious day full of laughter and smiles, here’s a little sneak peek at some of the days moments.

LMC-8 LMC-21 LMC-36 LMC-55 LMC-57 LMC-72 LMC-75 LMC-76 LMC-93 LMC-104 LMC-111 LMC-123 LMC-137 LMC-138 LMC-143 LMC-169 LMC-186 LMC-217 LMC-222 LMC-235 LMC-243 LMC-260 LMC-273 LMC-276 LMC-281 LMC-306 LMC-372 LMC-377 LMC-383 LMC-388 LMC-433 LMC-448 LMC-458 LMC-465 LMC-468 LMC-472 LMC-477 LMC-506 LMC-528

Kate & Jared

Kate & Jared’s love story played out in the stunning setting of Lincoln’s Washingborough Hall back at the start of June. Washy Hall is  a beautiful county house just on the outskirts of the city. It was a day full of love and laughter – feelings that I hope I managed to encapsulate in their photographs.  Here’s just a few of my most memorable moments from their day.


KJS-1 KJS-5 KJS-11 KJS-13 KJS-15 KJS-31 KJS-33 KJS-35 KJS-37 KJS-39 KJS-41 KJS-45 KJS-47 KJS-53 KJS-61 KJS-67 KJS-73 KJS-77 KJS-83 KJS-89 KJS-101 KJS-103 KJS-107 KJS-133 KJS-135 KJS-149 KJS-151 KJS-171 KJS-183 KJS-185 KJS-187 KJS-189 KJS-193 KJS-197 KJS-207 KJS-223 KJS-243 KJS-253 KJS-257 KJS-259 KJS-270 KJS-272 KJS-286 KJS-289 KJS-305 KJS-307 KJS-309 KJS-313 KJS-335 KJS-337 KJS-339 KJS-341 KJS-343 KJS-351 KJS-355 KJS-473 KJS-509 KJS-513 KJS-521 KJS-527 KJS-531 KJS-545 KJS-557 KJS-559 KJS-579 KJS-581 KJS-593 KJS-595 KJS-609 KJS-611 KJS-620 KJS-627 KJS-635 KJS-641 KJS-647 KJS-657 KJS-701 KJS-704 KJS-710 KJS-713 KJS-727 KJS-729 KJS-737 KJS-751 KJS-759 KJS-765 KJS-773 KJS-783 KJS-785 KJS-796 KJS-798